About WBoil.com, its Mission and Services

WBoil.com's Goal and Purpose

The primary aim of WBoil.com is to present AMSOIL customers with an easy to use interface using cutting-edge web technology. Over the past three decades, AMSOIL has full-fledged into a mega company offering hundred's of astonishing products. The major challenge here was to appropriately systematize the product offerings in an easy to browse layout. We strongly believe that the challenge has now been addressed by developing a website from ground up.

We also incorporated personal customer service through assigning "Direct Assistance Dealer".

Direct Assistance Dealer's are independent dealers that are either, a part of WBoil.com team or a registered member of the site. Direct Assistance Dealer's are destined to generally handle a smaller number of customers, thus being able to provide one on one support via phone or email. The site user has the ability to contact the Direct Assistance Dealer from any page by filling out a simple form connected directly to their email inbox.

Contact form is found below each page under "Click Here to Report Errors Or Comments".

WBoil.com and Pricing

WBoil.com pricing is factory direct, whether you choose one of our wholesale accounts or buy retail from the online store. Either way the prices are factory direct!

When you purchase through WBoil.com you are dealing with a professional and knowledgeable team of independent dealers that are assigned as "Direct Assistance Dealer" who can be contacted with a click of the button.

WBoil.com Services for Registered T1 Certified Dealers

WBoil.com provides an intelligent platform for dealers with superior standards. Dealers who are T1 certified can now join WBoil.com to offer their services and mutually benefit. Dealers can also list their accounts for greater exposure and increased sales volume. Interested dealers, please contact our support team for further details.

Founding Visions of WBoil.com

WBoil.com was developed by the vision of an AMSOIL Executive Direct Jobber. The vision was to create a professional platform for customers and dealers to come together in an uncompromising way. Ease of use, effective communication and ‘one on one’ support were crown priorities.

The WBoil Project was conceptualized and put on paper during early 2008. The development involved ground up creation of an unique platform to support the nature of business and its underlying features. The development process took about 6 months to complete. WBoil.com was launched on the 25th of December 2008, Blessed Birthday of the Son of God, our Lord, Jesus Christ!

WBoil.com Support Team

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